It’s not what it Seams…

This gorgeous-looking Grawin Seam Opal is showing a unique color with potch sitting just on top.
My plan is to take the top off ever so slightly to reveal what’s underneath and shape it into a cushion cut.

A seamingly good start

I can see already that the potch isn’t touching the color bar, so there’s a 50/50 chance it will be either a dark or a crystal opal.
The moss pattern showing along the sides isn’t as valuable as the pattern taking shape on top, so I will forgo this color and focus on the others.
I’m working on making this a softer edge cushion cut with rounded edges.

Topping off time

Firstly, while working it into the cushion cut shape, I do need to take quite a bit off the back.
Secondly, I will cut the inclusions out of the sides so we finish with a really clean gem.
Thirdly, I will round the edges so it’s much softer in feel and appearance.
Fun Fact: Eliminate any sharp edges by rounding and smoothing the back and sides of an opal — this will lessen any chance of chipping the gem.

Final Gem

The color bar wasn’t as thick as I would like it to have been — which in turn, didn’t allow me to roll the gem as much.
It’s been shaped into a nice rounded edge cushion cut, which will be perfect for a ring setting.
Overall, a lovely green and gold broadflash, accentuated with pinfire across the top to give it a 3D color on color effect.
Our finished gem is a bold 6.28ct Australian Crystal Opal, which you can find here.

4 thoughts on “It’s not what it Seams…”

  1. It’s always a pleasure watching you work making something beautiful out of something rough and out of shape those Wheels must be pretty good Justin you don’t have any calluses on your fingertips lol


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