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Mothers, like crystal opal, have a way of adding beauty to the everyday; fresh cut flowers on the dining table, delicious aromas that drift to you from the kitchen, or by adding a touch of feminine warmth to any home.

In celebration of all the beautiful mothers of Australia and the world, we have put together a collection of crystal and white opal that reflect the gorgeous individual wearing it. The Crystal Edit is a wallet friendly collection of stones under US$1000 bound to make any mum feel special.

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Opals come in so many shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors that ultimately form a stone that is as unique as she is.

When light hits an opal, it illuminates the world of color that lives inside the stone. Opal is made up of silica spheres, and the size of these spheres and how they are stacked are what shows us this breathtaking display. Color meanders through the stone, jumping from one place to the next, transforming itself into the performance of light that you see.

Crystal Opal 2.1ct
2.1ct Crystal Opal

The Crystal Edit highlights three kinds of crystal opal gems; ocean toned, fiery toned, and gorgeous bright, white opal. With something for every mum, shop now and give yours the gift of a unique beauty.

3.04ct heart shaped opal
3.04ct Heart Shaped Opal

Ocean toned opal is best suited to lovers of greens and blues and those who have a strong connection with nature and the sea. Greens and blues can evoke feelings of serenity, often being used to help promote calmness.

1.38ct Opal
1.38ct Opal

There’s a gem for the fiery woman; beautiful crystal opals that look as though they are flecked with fire. Warm tones, such as reds and yellows, can represent love, happiness, and vibrant energy.

5.96ct crystal opal
5.96ct – 1.92ct – 2.3ct

Our collection of white opals showcase bright stones with rainbow light shows hidden inside. These opals are the perfect compliment to any outfit as various colors are speckled throughout the beautiful white gem.

2.3ct Opal

Whether you’re celebrating a woman with a spirit of adventure and a love for the sea, one full of energy and fiery strength, or the bright light of your life, there’s an opal as beautifully unique as she is.

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