Glowing Crystal Opal Pair

What’s better than a crystal opal with stunning pinfire pattern? A glowing crystal opal pair!

One of the best, but sometimes heartbreaking, things about opal is that there will never be another exactly like it. This is one of the major drawcards to why someone would choose an opal; it’s as unique as you are. On the other hand, it means creating matching opal jewelry is about as hard as finding the socks your washing machine eats.

Well, I’ve managed to find the missing sock a matching opal pair! (Still no sign of the sock).

This week, I’ll show you how to cut a matching pair while keeping as much color as possible.

We’ve got a glowing crystal opal pair with the same body tone, brightness, and pattern (a find about as rare as leftover fish tacos in my house) ready to be cut into a gorgeous match.

Watch now to see the pin fire magic unfold!

The final pair

Drumroll please… look at this gorgeous, glowing crystal opal pair! A total of 7.84-carats with plenty of pink, green, and yellow.

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