Watch a $20K gem black opal emerge from rough

There’s no day quite as lovely as one that ends in a $20K gem black opal sitting on my workshop bench. Watch as a gorgeous gem emerges from a sand-filled piece of rough right in front of our eyes.

I’ve been cutting a fair few pieces lately riddled with sand; a cutters worst nightmare! So, I’ve been collecting these emotional rollercoaster-rocks and putting them into a jar with something pretty cool in mind. I’ll keep you updated on that.

I didn’t feel like having my heart fall into my gut again today, so I’ve picked a more promising looking piece. The pattern and color in this rough look gorgeous; orange and red hues and some complementary blue-greens. It looks like there’s even some Script Pattern!

Let’s start by tackling the sand in the stone and (try my hardest to) keep as much of that stunning color as possible. All I’ll say is that the opal was on my side today with this $20K gem black opal.

Our Final Gem

This piece turned into a divine 5.08-carat gem black opal. Broadflash, Chaff and the makings of Script Pattern are all in there creating depth in the stone. This is a great size because it’s rare to find gems above 4 to 5-carats, making this baby more valuable!

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