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Cutting session ASMR of $7000 parcel of uncut opal revealed

Join me this week for a cutting session ASMR that shows you the relaxing side of opal cutting.

What is ASMR? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response relates to sounds and noise that can cause tingles in the scalp and spine and include deeply relaxing videos and may cause you to fall asleep. These videos, like the one I’m posting today, focus on repetitive tasks. So, as we cut opal after opal and you listen to the sounds of the grinding wheel switch on, I hope it can help you to switch off. 

I get a lot of comments from you on how relaxing you find the cutting process, and how my workshop’s sounds help you wind down after a busy day. This cutting session ASMR video focuses on the sounds of an opal’s wonderful being unveiled, without any music or chatting.

It’s a little different from my usual tutorials, but I thought a few of you might enjoy the calming sounds of opal cutting in this cutting session ASMR.

If you miss my rambling, check out this replay of my latest live video where we unveil two stellar gems or revisit that time I cut 160-carats into a gem!

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