How to cut a rough nobby opal into a gem

Today is all about choosing your own adventure as Justin shows you the short and long versions of how to cut a rough nobby opal into a gem.

In the first video above, watch as the transformation unfolds from a piece of rough opal to a finished gem. Its not a long video and will give you the basics of how he did it.

For those of you who are interested in actually how he cut the stone, watch the longer video. Here we see him grind away the potch and through the stages of cutting. He starts on the heavier grit wheels and share some tips and whys of how he cuts and polishes the opal. Watch as the process almost comes unstuck with some unwanted potch – an all too regular occurrence when cutting! Over time he fashions the rough opal nobby into something we are more used to seeing, a beautiful finished opal gem.

Enjoy and let us know what you think – was it long and detailed enough? Do you like the fact you can see the juicy buts but not have to watch the whole thing? We love hearing your feedback!

For more cutting videos, head to the video gallery and under the heading cutting you will find lots more videos to watch.

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