Kindred Collection

‘We are connected to each other and the land by many threads.’

Kindred Collection by
Ruth Benjamin-Thomas

Kindred is a melding of the botanical with the animal and geological. It was inspired by aerial vistas of outback Australia and the majesty of the desert dunes. The molten waves and imperfect claws signify that the path we take is rarely direct.

Introducing our new limited edition ready-to-wear opal jewelry collection designed by Ruth Benjamin-Thomas handmade in Queensland Australia.
Featuring sculptured drop shape Andamooka Crystal Opals from Lightning Ridge, surrounded by either sterling silver, 18kt yellow, or rose gold — which is recycled with new, ethically mined gold from New Zealand.

These ethically sourced Andamooka Opals are part of a parcel of old mined stones which we have named the Greenwood Collection. This collection of delicate crystals belonged to our mentor in New York. Upon Richard Greenwood’s passing in 2019, the opals passed to us and the idea of the collection was born.

We hope you love the Kindred Collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

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