October is almost here, or as others may know it, Opal Month!If you are lucky enough to be born in October you would know that … Read more


Mum, you’re a gem!

Meet our lovely Black Opal Direct Mums, who are all indeed, gems!We would be lost without them, from helping run our small business, to spoiling … Read more


Kindred Collection

‘We are connected to each other and the land by many threads.’ Kindred Collection byRuth Benjamin-Thomas Kindred is a melding of the botanical with the … Read more


Queen of Gems

The Ruthie — elevating nature’s beauty, secured in a dainty claw setting, nestled in between a fine and fluid 18kt rose gold chain. Opals are … Read more

Black Opal Earrings

Earrings have been around for centuries almost as long as people have had ears. When earrings are used, most people will have a hole pierced … Read more

Silver Opal Jewelry

The word Opal is derived from Latin word and the Sanskrit words which mean ‘precious stone’. Opal is an exceptional precious gemstone. They are found … Read more

Opal Pendants

Why an opal pendant… For centuries pendants have been worn as items of adornment for woman.  An opal pendant is eye-catching. The colour play in … Read more

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