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Jurgen Thomas

Jurgen Wolfgang Thomas 19.02.1939 - 25.06.2014
Jurgen Wolfgang Thomas 19.02.1939 – 25.06.2014

On June 25, we said goodbye to Justin’s Father, Jurgen Thomas, who established our company over 50 years ago.

Jurgen emigrated from East Germany and, not long after arriving, heard about the opal fields and settled there to make his mark in late 1961.

His natural affinity for beauty meant that he had almost second sight when it came to cutting opal. He could tell at a glance how an opal should be faced and how to bring the secrets of the nobby into the light.

Jurgen was a true artist; his projects were not limited to opal; he painted in oils, carved in wood and minerals and even turned his hand to furniture making.

He was a loving father to Justin and his sister Simone and a doting Grandfather to Saxon and William. We will miss him dearly, and his knowledge and legacy lives on in Justin.

Here is a video of the two of them talking about carving. Enjoy!