2015 Lightning Ridge Opal Festival and Jewellery Design Awards IOJDAA 2015

The 2015 Lightning Ridge Opal Festival was a great success with many sellers, tourists and buyers coming from all around the world. It seem the Chinese market is growing from strength to strength with many more Chinese turning up to buy.

The bi-annual International Opal Jewellery Design awards (IOJDAA 2015)  was one of the best I have ever been too. The place was packed and Lightning Ridge was sparkling. The awards show included models (locals) parading through the audience wearing the designs as well as showcasing a fashion collaboration between Linda Jackson and fashion label Romance Was Born. Linda was always been passionate about Australian Opal and has designed and collaborated with many others since the 1970’s. We love her unique interpretation of the bush and opal. Never shy and retiring it is a bold statement of the land she loves. Another bold statement of the evening was the most entertaining main act, the Priscilla Queen Of The Desert show. Entertaining us with their “womanly” charm, they were hysterically funny with a really professional show. We even had a song from Tina Turner but she seemed to have even stronger legs than I remember!


The Awards

The highlight of course were the design awards and the amazing display of opals. There were many entries this year and the standard was really high. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see all the pieces but here are a few.


A great year I hope to see you all there for the next International Opal Jewellery and Design Awards in 2017.


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