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How to cut an opal by hand

See a 15 year old boy cut and polished an opal with out machines just some leather and sandpaper

Last year we brought you the story of 14 yr old Steiner Florian who told us how he cut an opal by hand. You can catch up here. We were all fascinated and the amazing Black Opal community got really generous with a box (yes a box) of equipment, rough material and cut stones that we sent to Steiner to practise and learn with.

In today’s video he shows us exactly how he does it. All we can say is WOW. The boy has patience! The video was put together by him and I think we have some serious competition coming through – not only are his cutting skills pretty good but he has mastered the art of video making too!

Watch and learn. Steiner will be monitoring the blog when this goes live so please leave any questions or comments for him to answer below (although if he doesn’t answer straightaway remember he might still be in school!). We love this community and are so thankful for all of you sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.  If you have something you would like to share, please by all means get in touch and we’ed love to take a look!