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Hand polishing an opal: Can it really be done?

Is it easy to do and how long does it take? Justin shows you how to hand polish an opal..

Recently I bought to you Steiner Florian’s story about hand polishing opal.

You asked the questions and Steiner was on hand to reply. How long does it actually take and can it really be that easy to do?

Watch this video as I try the  “The Steiner Technique” on hand-polishing an opal.

In order to complete this  ‘little exercise’  you will need.

  • Knife sharpening block
  • Sandpaper wet & dry 400 Grit to 1200 Grit
  • Towel
  • Dop Stick
  • Jewellers Wax
  • Strip of leather
  • Cerium Oxide
  • Spray bottle with water

Watch this video as Justin gives hand-polishing a go. He shows you at the start of the video what he is going to polish. In an easy to view format he easily explains what to do…”his handy hint is ‘don’t push too hard on the stone as you can easily chip the stone”and after 2.5 hours he shows you the end result… a lovely polished opal!

Yes it really is that easy

Yes it does take a bit of time

Take a look at the video..give it a go and let us know how you go..