How to care for opal

In this video, Justin shares some tips for how to best look after your opal.

The best way to care for a piece of opal or opal jewelry is to maintain its shine with a jewelers cloth. Over time, the oil from your body can dim the lustre of the opal. Don’t worry, that’s an easy fix! You can polish your opal or opal jewelry with a jewelers cloth to get that lustre back.

Ultrasonics can be an excellent way to bring life back to your jewelry, but are they safe for opal? Yes! You can put solid Australian opal in an ultrasonic for short periods to bring the sparkle back to your jewelry. However, an ultrasonic is not recommended for boulder opal from Queensland as it can affect the ironstone.

Doublets and triplets can be used in opal jewelry at a lower cost than solid opal. However, if you have a piece of jewelry with a doublet or triplet it in, I don’t recommend using an ultrasonic can damage the glue.

I hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “How to care for opal”

  1. Awesome mate! Good to know Im getting married in oct 2013 and could not find a place to get opal. I was goingbto go purple heart timber in gold.ppffftt not now be in touch soon cheers! May be you will do me a deal 😉

    • Hi Mark Congratulations mate on getting engaged. I am glad you found me and when you are ready to buy an opal Ruth and I will be here for you. Let me know when your ready and we will sort something out for you. Regards Justin


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