Blue Opal

Blue Opal is a common term that refers to the dominant opal color, not the body color (i.e. black, semi-black, white), as is thought by some. Universally blue is the most popular color globally and comes in all hues, tones and saturations. While rare in nature, we are so lucky that it is a color that occurs with great frequency in opal.

Pantone, a company that specializes in colors for the design world, has put together their color predictions for Spring 2013. The blues featured in this palate are the most popular colors, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a shade of it isn’t the color of the year (for those interested, Tangerine Tango is the color of 2012).

Pantone Colors for Spring 2013

All the blues in opal

Blues in opal can range from the palest delicate hues to an intense saturation bordering on the violets and blacks. Some combinations work for all seasons, and opal is one of the few gemstones that can really hold its own amongst a sea of winter blacks and greys – no matter what the size of the stone is. I have added an example below with an intense, deep blue coloured opal.


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