Free Form Opal

The Butterfly Wing: Free form opal originally cut by Justin Thomas
The Butterfly Wing: Free form opal originally cut by Justin Thomas

Free form opal is opal that has been carved or polished to display the beauty of the opals natural state. A free form opal is cut to maximise colour with no specific shape in mind.

A free form opal has a distinct rarity value as you will never be able to cut another exact piece. No two pieces of opal are identical.

Free form opal can also mean a picture stone can be cut. The photo above is a free-form cut opal named “The Butterfly Wing.” Justin Thomas of Black Opal Direct will happily tell you that since the cutting of this opal another free form opal displaying this natural beauty and phenomenon has never crossed his desk.

Free-form opal has gained popularity in the last 20 years particularly due to the ‘Bi-annual International Jewellery Design Awards” which recognise the beauty and individuality in the free form cut.

Free form opal can come in different types of opal – black, white and crystal opal.

The most important thing you must do when deciding to get a free form opal is to find a jeweler that has had a lot of experience in setting and making of opal jewellery. Please refer to our recommended jewelers. 



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