Finding a Jeweler

Finding a top class jeweler experienced in working with opal can be daunting. We suggest shopping around and asking to see other examples of opal jewellery they have created. Being such a delicate stone, you want to make sure that your jeweler understands  and makes adjustments for this. Designs that work for diamonds may be unsuitable for opal.

We have a number of jewelers we recommend around the world. For a recommendation – or perhaps you have found an outstanding jeweler please feel free to contact us.

In Australia

Contact us directly.


224 Wythe Ave @ the corner of N. 4th
Brooklyn, New York
Craig’s Fine Jewelry
394 Main St
Ridgefield, Connecticut
203 -438-3701
Gregory Crawford
Middle Georgia
If you would like to work with Greg, please email us for an introduction
For other countries please contact us. If you are a jeweler who works with opal and would like to be featured here, please email us