Opal Cabochons

The term cabochon refers to a curved and polished dome. Opals are cut as cabochons. The most popular shape being an oval. Opal cabochons can be cut low, medium or high domed.

Advantages of opal cabochons

A cabochon cut allows a setting edge for the jeweller. When cutting the edges of the dome are slightly moving inwards thus allowing the jeweller to set the piece to the edge. Unlike a faceted gemstone which can chip on the edges a cabochon can only be scratched on the dome and can be easily be re-polished.

A high domed cabochon gives the opal more depth of colour. A darker opal will predominately be cut as a low to medium dome cabochon due to the thin concentration of colour found within the raw material.

Cabochons are the oldest style of cut. Many early gemstones were cut in this style before faceting of gemstones was discovered. Recent current designs of jewellery has seen a resurgence in the use of this cut. Jewellers from around the world are now creating ‘works of art’ to match the beauty that is found in opal cabochons.

Tiffany & Co opal cabochon ring
Tiffany & Co Opal Cabochon Ring via Pinterest

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