Designing Opal Jewelry

When I started designing jewelry a decade ago, I looked around me and got my inspiration from nature. Organic shapes reminiscent of water have always been intriguing for me. I love how water collects in droplets, how it freezes into snowflakes and how it ripples across a pond.

Aqua Pendant
Aqua Slider in 14kt yellow gold

This piece is called Aqua. It was one of the most difficult things to design. Not being a bench jeweler, I found it really hard to communicate through drawings. In the days before the plentiful images, you can now find on Google (take a look now and see what you get when you type water droplet). I grabbed some moulding clay and communicated the weightiness and tactile nature of the pendant to the jeweler, this time, he “got” what I was talking about. Finally, I looked for a slider pendant, simple, organic and a beautiful way to let the opal shine!

Sometimes communicating your vision can be difficult, but by playing around with other mediums such as clay (even if you aren’t conventionally artistic) or creating a pinboard of images on Pinterest, you can really make something beautiful.

For me, making my dreams into tangible and wearable art is an achievement indeed.

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