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116 years of opal history

When talking about our history in the opal business, talk invariably goes to another family with an even longer opal association. E. Gregory Sherman was started by Ernie Sherman back in 1896 when he first went to White Cliffs, one of the first opal fields discovered. Ernie was an opal buyer and showing true entrepreneurial spirit built a great business that is currently run by the third generation  – Peter Sherman.

Boulder Opal Bust of Gregory Sherman
Boulder Opal Bust of Gregory Sherman

In between came Greg Sherman, Peter’s dad and Ernie’s son. Greg was still working in the office when I started in the business and was a big part of the industry. An admirer painstakingly carved this bust of Greg from boulder opal – not a bad likeness I say!

Peter recently passed on some anecdotes and I thought I’d share this one with you.

“I remember my father telling me how cunning my Grandfather had to be at times to buy the best parcels of opal available in the late 1930’s and early 40’s. Apparently if the station master at Port Augusta saw my Grandfather on the train going to the South Australian fields he would quickly phone another buyer and inform him. This enabled the other buyer to travel to the fields in an attempt to beat him to the parcel. This also enabled the station master to make a nice little “spotter’s fee” on the side. To overcome this my Granddad would change into women’s clothing on the train before pulling into the station at Port Augusta, then back into his gentleman’s attire after the train had pulled out It certainly had them stumped for awhile as they couldn’t figure out how he got there and bought the parcel without the station master seeing him!”