Opal Mining Strike

You can feel the ‘buzz in the air’  in this short video clip… Opal Mining Strike.

Justin has just received news from his mining crew at Lightning Ridge that they have struck opal.

Justin is on his way in his 4WD to see what his mining crew have found.

The mining crew are ‘tailing out’ and are finding opal making it ‘a big strike’!!

Justin is overwhelmed..you can actually feel the excitement…which sees Justin jumping around in joy…it’s not everyday this happens…

Watch in awe as the agitator spills out rock with seams of opal.

Whilst on the sorting table the crew get excited as Justin shows you in the rough – Black Opal from Lightening Ridge.

From years of cutting experience he briefly explains what he can see…

He delicately shows you the ‘play of colour’ that is being exhibited prior to polishing from the rough opal he is picking up off the sorting table.

The video concludes with an image of the end ‘polished spoils’ .. 

Justin concludes ‘it’s not very often that opal comes spilling out of the agitator. But this time we were in luck’.

By watching this short video Opal Mining Strike you will appreciate the mining effort that goes into finding this beautiful gem.

Sit back and enjoy …

Opal Tailout Video

The Agitator at work:  Opal Mining, Lightning Ridge NSW AUSTRALIA. 






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