Black Opal Earrings

Earrings have been around for centuries almost as long as people have had ears.

When earrings are used, most people will have a hole pierced in their ear, or they will use clips to clip onto the ear.

Custom opal earrings for a client

Gemstones have been a trendy eye-catcher for earrings. Gold and silver are commonly used to set the gemstone in. The gemstones can be set in a few ways. The most popular methods are either claw set with arm-like claws holding the gemstone into the setting. The other way is a rub-over setting that has an edge that has hammer set the gemstone into the piece.

One of the most unique and beautiful types of gemstones to be put into earrings is the black opal. Black opal earring is some of the most exotic and mysterious pieces of jewelry in the world. No one opal will ever be the same. In pattern and color play, opal can look at you from many different angles.

Black opal is also one of the hardest types of gemstones to match up as a pair for earrings. The opal can be searched for years without finding a match for the other ear. Black opals being the rarest of all the opal types is even harder to match. This is why opal solid earring is quite expensive to buy. You can purchase substitute opal, which will be matched very well, but it’s not quite the same as the romance and history that comes from a pure natural black opal.

My advice when purchasing a pair of opal earrings would be that if you see a set you like, remember you may never see them again.

Or you could go to an opal seller and ask for an opal pair that you can get made up into the design you want. Hand made jewelry is a very caring way to set your opal. Because the jeweller and the setter can take great care in making sure your opal is set correctly.

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