A Cushion Cut with a twist!

I am always up for a challange and sometimes those challenges have a way of working out better than you could ever imagine —
This was one of those moments!
A beautiful Witches Hat nobby rough opal with a thick color bar, how can we make this sing?
Join me as I tackle a gem cut that I have never done before — the end result is worth it!

Assessing, always assessing

When I first looked at this stone with the torch through the loop, it looked like an easy cut.
However, what started to show were inclusions and sand spots all over the top of the nobby.
This is where all the beautiful color and patterns were sitting — the further down I take it the more color I lose.
The sand spots go in quite far and I’m concerned.
Will I get the large size gem opal I was hoping for?

Plan of attack

As I cut I am constantly assessing and devising a plan of attack.
Two-thirds of the gem has brilliant color and pattern and the other third is slightly less.
In addition, the dome height varies on each side as well.
I want to keep an emphasis on the dome, so I think I’ll need to slice it.

In that moment, I decided I’m going to attempt a cushion cut with a soft facet pyramid, something I have never done before.
I can remember my dad cutting this shape only once or twice — there is a slight risk involved.
As the facets are being cut, you can see a criss-cross pattern forming across the peaks — astounding!

The final (cushion) cut

This has turned out to be one of the most exciting gems I have cut in a long time.
While the color isn’t red on black — the cut, the green and the depth is so beautiful, I’m estatic!
We finished with a 6.00ct crystal gem with color on color — an incredible looking gem, find it here.

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