October is almost here, or as others may know it, Opal Month!If you are lucky enough to be born in October you would know that … Read more

Black Opal Direct - top gem

Top of the gems!

This is a frontrunner for one of the best Crystal Opals I have ever seen and I have seen some exceptional opals.But I knew with … Read more


Mum, you’re a gem!

Meet our lovely Black Opal Direct Mums, who are all indeed, gems!We would be lost without them, from helping run our small business, to spoiling … Read more


A Cushion Cut with a twist!

I am always up for a challange and sometimes those challenges have a way of working out better than you could ever imagine —This was … Read more

Opal Fossils

Opal fossils are opals formed in the cavity left underground by an animal that has perished and left the shape of its former self to … Read more

Crystal Opals

Crystal opals are found in almost every area where gem colored opal is formed. Lightning Ridge has produced some of the best crystal opals I … Read more

White Opals

White opal is a more common opal heavily marketed in the early days of opal trading, which is what most think about when they think … Read more

Black Crystal Opal

Black crystal opal is a rare type of opal. It is tough to find black crystal opal in large quantities because its makeup is hard … Read more

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