Opal Fossils

Opal fossils are opals formed in the cavity left underground by an animal that has perished and left the shape of its former self to … Read more

Natural Opal

Natural opal is the term used for opal that has naturally formed in the ground in areas where silica is in high concentration through the … Read more


More Tips on Dopping Opal

For more information on dopping opal and mearning to cut, please visit our Opal Cutting Guide.

Matrix Opal

Matrix opal is a treated opal that comes from in Australia. It is defined as opal in host rock. The main field that produces this … Read more

Lightning Ridge Opal

There are many types of rough opal from many parts of the world. Rough opal comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. In Ethiopia, opal … Read more

Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is a tiny opal-mining town about 70 kilometres south of the Queensland border in New South Wales and 700 kilometres north-west of Sydney. … Read more

3.25ct black opal cushion cut5

Green Blue Opal

There are many categories of opal when it comes to grading them out. Opals of all different colors are and have different values depending on … Read more

Crystal Opals

Crystal opals are found in almost every area where gem colored opal is formed. Lightning Ridge has produced some of the best crystal opals I … Read more

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Cooceran Opal Tour

Welcome back to Black Opal Direct! This week I want to take you to the heart of the opal country. To see where the best … Read more

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