Cooceran Opal Tour

Welcome back to Black Opal Direct!

This week I want to take you to the heart of the opal country. To see where the best opal ever came from. As some of you may know the Cooceran opal field has been the best supplier of black opal in the world. Through the 80s and 90s, this place was a very busy mining field. Ad people from all over the world came to the Cooceran to try their luck in mining for the elusive black opal.

Many people came but only a select few made it in the opal world. You have to be lucky to find the big patch where opal falls out of the walls as you dig. This rare phenomenon still happens today to some people who have kept on going searching for the opal with a prospecting drill.

Once they find some opal trace or color in a 9-inch drill. It is time to bring the mining equipment and start digging.

Have a look at my guided tour video!

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