Show & Tell — JT’s Treasured Personal Collection

We thought it was about time that we did a little update on Justin’s treasured personal collection of Opals and other cherished items.
Join us as we take you through some of Justin’s newly acquired top gem Crystal Opals.
Plus, some of our favourite Black Opals that live on the website waiting for their forever homes.

Personal Collection Opals

Let’s begin our show & tell session with an incredible Andamooka Crystal Opal which I found at a vendors’ booth in Tucson during my last trip.
This gem is such a feast for the eyes with its flagstone and chaff patterns and 3D color on color.
Andamooka Crystal Opals with this kind of clarity are becoming increasingly rare — precisely why I jumped at the chance to own this one.

Next, we have a Crystal Opal which has been featured in one of our videos — which you can watch here.
Star pattern or cross pattern opals are extremely rare to find.
Usually more commonly found in sapphires and other colored stones.
The star pattern normally has four to six points of light or colour lines that cross in the middle.
Without question, this is a unique and rare opal — for that reason, I am more than happy to call it my own.

Coincidently, the third gem showcased from my collection I found at a vendor’s booth in Tucson as well.
A Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal with some very rare gem pink colouring in the play of color.
These ultra-clear Crystal Opals are becoming increasingly harder to find, especially with brilliant pink tones.

Yet another brilliant and bright Crystal Opal that sits in my collection but this one has a strong sentimental value attached to it.
I acquired this glorious neon green gem from a minor friend who has since passed away.
Therefore, I have a strong attachment to it and looking at it brings me so many fond memories of him.

Lastly, is a wonderful carving my very talented father made many years ago.
He was a true artist that was passionate about his craft.
I remember him creating this wonderful piece and I love that I am able to pass this down through my family.

Online Featured Collection

From our online collection — a beautiful rounded cushion cut.
A 4.41ct Black Opal from Lightning Ridge with incredible flagstone and chaff patterns.
A favourite pattern combination of mine with the added bonus of that 3D color on color.
You can find it here.

The Ultimate Gem — this is still very much a part of our online collection.
If you haven’t seen this mind-blowing Black Opal yet, do yourself a favour and look here.
More importantly, there is an incredible story about how we came to own this opal — it’s sure to hit you right in the feels! You can watch the video here.

A hefty Pinfire Black Opal!
Another sensational opal from our website and a sizable one at that.
Featuring 15.16 carats of galaxy patterned goodness, find it on our website here.
Starring in one of our YouTube Live sessions — you can find it here.

Thank you!

Thank you for joining us as we chatted and reminisced about some of the pieces that hold a special place in my personal collection.
Lastly, I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new or saw something you haven’t seen before.
Let me know in the comments of the video if there is something rare you’d like to see and I will try to showcase it next time.

1 thought on “Show & Tell — JT’s Treasured Personal Collection”

  1. I love your vlog, you are all so personable and friendly.
    My favorite attribute are the colours, followed by the pattern, then shape. The colours need to be bright and varied. I am partially fond of the multi coloured ones. Opals that have a mixed variety of floral, broad flash, pin and chaff. The spectrum is what makes an opal so amazing and so unique. Its the ones that hide their colour and surprise you at a turn with a sneaky peak, to fool you at another angle. Every single one is different, just as it should be. Congratulations on 200,000, here’s to 1 million!!


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