Smashing gemstones with a mallet!

As a kid, I thought that diamonds were the hardest thing in the world. Having the typical tyrannical tendencies that young boys have, all I wanted to do was smash one.

Now I’m an adult and quite frankly, not much has changed.

Join me today as I live out one of 9-year-old Justin’s dreams of smashing gemstones and seeing what happens.

I’m testing this theory on a few different kinds of gemstones to see how they hold up; opal, quartz, emerald, and diamond. Let’s have a crack! (pardon the pun)


First up off the bat is my personal favorite; the opal. As I ready my mallet I apologise to the opal gods for the sacrilege that is about to unfold in 3, 2, 1… whack.

Smitherines! The opal smashes to pieces with no dent in the mallet. Mallet 1, opal 0.


Let’s see if this chunk of quartz can hold up any better against the mighty mallet. It is a larger piece which might mean that it’s stronger than the opal.

… Nope. The quartz chunk doesn’t withstand much and I’m left with pieces and dust. So, it turns out size doesn’t matter after all.


The third to be a victim to my curiosity is a piece of emerald. And…

It actually doesn’t break apart nearly as much as I thought it would!


Ah, at last! I always believed that diamonds were the hardest thing on earth that would dent anything you tried to smash it with…

Well, that was anti-climatic.

It smashed into smithereens! It actually left a dent in the mallet though!

At the end of this pointless but very pleasing experiment, I crown the mallet as the winner. And me, because smashing gemstones is fun. Sometimes you have to do things for the love of curiosity.

PSA: Gemstones were harmed in the making of this video but they weren’t worth a lot of money… I’m not out here smashing thousands of dollars! Don’t come for me, Internet police!

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