New: Independent Valuation for Opal

Independent Valuation CertificateWe are proud to now offer all customers purchasing opal the addition of an independent valuation. An independent valuation provides you with peace of mind that you are purchasing a natural opal. The valuation lists the exact dimensions, and a photo of the opal is also included. Independent Valuations by registered and qualified valuers are also useful when it comes time to insure your precious gem. Most insurers will accept a valuation of this kind.

Our valuation partner is a member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers in Australia and is a certified valuer with qualifications from Australia, Britain and Antwerp, Belgium. You can order a valuation with your purchase by selecting the product Independent Valuation.  Your valuation will add only a few days to the shipment of your order.

2 thoughts on “New: Independent Valuation for Opal”

  1. I have a question y’all. I am doing a little research about opal’s and am trying to acquire some knowledge about authenticating the opal pendant I found. It’s highly likely it’s worth nothing but I’m very curious. I read on another sight that synthetic opal will not glow under a uv light. Is that correct or am I way out of my league?

  2. Hi Nancy thanks for the question. UV light will be the same for any opal fake or real. I haven’t heard of this before. if you have photos of an opal you can send them to me and I can let you know what I think? 🙂


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