Three questions to ask your opal jeweler

The three questions I need to ask my opal jeweler?

Working with opal is not something most jewelers do everyday. It is important you select a jeweler who understands the unique properties of this precious gemstone.

Here are the top three questions I would consider to ask your opal jeweler.

  1. Do they understand the properties of opal? Opal, unlike other more common gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires has a different hardness. It is not a tough stone and can be easily damaged. Specific care is required when setting.  Opal does not like heat.  For example if an opal ring needs to be resized the jeweler may need to unset the stone.  Also doublet opal cannot go into an ultrasonic. If you notice your stone is dirty take it to a reputable jeweller to clean, someone that understands the properties of opal. For further information please refer to How to care for Opal.
  2. Ask your jeweler ‘have they worked with opal before and if so how often’? Sometimes jewelers might really like opal but they haven’t worked with it. Experience does count for a lot but a real appreciation also helps.
  3. Can they show you examples of their work with opal? This is always one of the best ways to ascertain if the jeweler is the right one for you. What have they made before? Is their design sensibility aligned with yours? How much work can they show you that has been done with opal?

I’m sure you can think of many more things to ask your jeweler.

Just remember you are the client  and if you aren’t happy  seek a second opinion from someone else who is qualified in this field.

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