Can you put opals in an ultrasonic?

Keep your opals away from water / Store your opals in water
Never use an ultrasonic / Opals are fine to be cleaned in ultrasonics

All these messages are confusing, aren’t they? It seems for every message about opal; there is an opposite one as well. In this video, I want to talk about how I care for opal. After all this time, I have learnt a thing or two and wanted to dispel some of the myths floating around.

Watch the video and let me know of your experience and tips in the comments section below. You can also check out our care of opal page, where I talk more about specifics.

9 thoughts on “Can you put opals in an ultrasonic?”

  1. Hi Justin…great little video. I’ve always sterred clear of ultrasonic cleaners for opals. It’s been a case of, ” if in doubt, don’t “.
    Regards Graeme

    • HI Graeme Hehe yes many people are not sure and like you say if your not sure don’t do it. but with Lightning Ridge opal, you can use ultrasonic cleaner on opal that has no sand or host rock. Regards Justin

  2. Justin, great video. I have a doublet that came apart. Is there a special glue or process for resetting the opal on the black part? Many thanks, Linda

    • Hi Linda yes you will have to first out the opal into metho to get rid of the old glue by dissolving it. Then you can buy 2 pack areldite or UHU 2 pack glue. With the glue you can mixa small amount of black oxide to make it black. I hope this helps

  3. Hi Justin, I have a stunning opal from the lightning ridge area that my fiance’ chose for my engagement ring (he bought it from black opal direct). He also got me an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. I’m wondering, do you only use water in the ultrasonic? Or do you add a cleaning detergent/solvent of some sort? I wasn’t sure if a detergent might damage the opal, or if water was enough to truly clean it.

    • HI Lauren

      Sorry for the slow reply I was away on a trip with no internet. Yes you use warm water with detergent. 🙂


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