Romancing the Stone

On a cool, overcast winters day here on the Gold Coast, Justin takes us into his workshop and shows us the romance of opal.


How does opal make you feel? Even in a job as great as Justins, it’s important to take time reflecting on the romance of the stone. Justins opal romance has been an enduring love of the gemstone that has a deeper meaning to him than some might think.


What has Justin and Ruth captivated with the gem their business is built around? In this weeks video, Justin shows us why opal has such a special place in his heart. 


Seeing the array of wondrous colors come through on a stone for the first time, and examining the unique inclusions and features feels like getting to know an opals personality. The anticipation that comes with uncovering the vibrancy hidden inside an opal nobby feels, to Justin, like finishing what Mother Nature started 110 million years ago.


Whether it’s grief or joy, the thrill of discovery is what keeps him coming back for more.

Love Opal? You’ll Love These Opal Hearts

Justins father, Jurgen, imparted the priceless gift of a life that not many others get to experience by handing down his knowledge and tremendous skill in opal cutting. He was taught everything there is to know about this unique gemstone and how to create for others that share his love of opal.


Life has only just begun for the opals that pass through his hands. The most important part of their life happens when they are adopted by families and begin making stories of their own.


We hope that you enjoy this weeks video; let us know what you think in the comments below.

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