Heart Shaped Opal

Heart shape opal

Here at Black Opal Direct, we’ve become a little obsessed with heart-shaped opal and seem to sell them as quickly as we cut them. This image above is our latest – isn’t she beautiful?

Victorian Heart Shaped Opal PendantOne of the most pleasing shapes, the heart-shaped opal, was popularized by the Victorians over a century ago. They loved the shape and embellished it as an expression of romantic love and the human soul. Further back, it has as part of a vision of Saint Margaret Marie Alacoque in the 17th century and has always been a classic representation of the human soul in Christian iconography. 

Heart Shape - Cyrene coin
Cyrene Coin from 5-6 BCE

The most intriguing stories come from even further back to 7th Century Cyrene (now in modern Libya). There was a plant called Silphium, which was so important to the economy (it was said that it could cure many maladies, including being a contraceptive) that they put a representation of the seed pod on their currency – as you can see, it’s a heart shape!

Click here to see another beautiful heart opal that we have in stock. We also have a great Pinterest board of all the heart-shaped opal jewelry we can find.

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