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Wanted to let you know that the opals arrived today, a day early! They’re both in good condition and beautiful.

Norman USA

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How do I value opal?

How do I value opal?

I get asked to value opal for other people on the daily, and I understand why. Opal is a notoriously hard stone to value because there are no hard and fast rules you can apply to every stone. The drawing card of opal is the fact that every single stone is unique. Nobody will ever have a gem […]

Cutting a blue rough opal

Cutting a blue rough opal

Ah, my precious blue rough opal nobby… I’ll be cutting a beautiful blue rough opal nobby with you today. Like always, some risks come with cutting opal, and you can never be too sure of yourself. The more sure of your opal nobby you are, the more likely it is to put its sassy pants […]

What is an opal rub? Let’s cut two and see!

What is an opal rub? Let’s cut two and see!

Today, I’ll explain to you what an opal rub is while cutting two of them! By the time you’ve finished watching this video, you’ll have an answer to these questions: What is an opal rub? Why would miners sell their opal as a rub? Why do opal rubs cost more than rough opal? I’ve got […]