Finding a Jeweler

Jeweler working on wax model

Finding a top-class jeweler experienced in working with opal can be daunting. We suggest shopping around and asking to see other examples of opal jewelry they have created. Being such a delicate stone, you want to make sure that your jeweler understands and makes adjustments for this. Designs that work for diamonds are often unsuitable for opal.

We have a number of jewelers we recommend around the world. For a recommendation – or perhaps you have found an outstanding jeweler please feel free to contact us.

In Australia

Please contact us directly.

In the USA


224 Wythe Ave @ the corner of N. 4th

Brooklyn, New York


Craig’s Fine Jewelry

394 Main St

Ridgefield, Connecticut


Gregory Crawford

Middle Georgia

If you would like to work with Greg, please email us for an introduction.

For other countries please contact us. If you are a jeweler who works with opal and would like to be featured here, please contact us.

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