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Shop highlights: Drops, Pillows and Freeform Opal Shapes

Sometimes we have an idea for an opal setting and an oval opal is just not going to work. Here we showcase some of the other opal shapes and what is currently for sale.

Pillow or Cushion Cut Opal

This was a favourite shape of Justin’s father Jurgen. Very few opals are made to be cut in a square or rectangle but when it works, it just works!

Drop or Pear Shape

Looking through the stock I think this must be Justin’s favourite shape to cut other than ovals. A drop shape works for all types of jewelry – either as the hero or as the accent to something larger. It looks great in a ring in a larger size or even as a delicate pendant.


Triangle Shaped Opal

Triangles can provide a certain sort of tension that asymmetry brings to a piece and can also provide a counterpoint to other shaped stones nicely.


Freeform Shaped Opal

Sometimes stones are so spectacular in their pattern and color it makes no sense to confirm to a regular shape and so we cut these specimens only where necessary. These examples are close to the shapes above but not quite uniform.