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A collectors gem for sale and a clients before and after

We have recently acquired a very special gemstone. The Eye of the Opal King was mined in the 1950’s and set as a tie pin for a very famous opal merchant known as the “Opal King”. Rarely do you see a stone like this one which is dark and bright. The pattern is termed a rolling flash with a cats eye effect. It is red, red, red. See the video and listing while it lasts.

Eye of the Opal King
Eye of the Opal King


Another Trump Challenge

Last time we were challenged by a client who asked us to cut a parcel of their choice – this week we received some images from a customer who was inspired to share his own “Trump” challenge.

He started with this parcel that he purchased from us here – 8 pieces 86 carats.

Customer opal parcel
The original parcel – 8 pieces 86 carats


The end result  after cutting the parcel was over 41 carats of material as well as some inlay pieces not shown.

The end result after cutting
The end result after cutting





Well done Daniel!