Best of the Best

Our boldest and most inspirational edit yet!
You don’t choose your opal, the opal chooses you — that being said if our budget wasn’t an issue these would be hard to resist!


Best of the Best, Créme de la Créme, Pick of the Bunch — need we go on?
It is our modest opinion that we have some of the best opal gems in the world, so why not show them off in an elegant and refined edit.

Choose your perfect opal

Cast your gaze upon our hand-picked selection of our finest top gem opals. This is a curated selection only. In addition to these opals, there are more incredible black, crystal, dark and white opals in our shop. See details below.
If you want to learn more about the incredible black opal, head over to our Opal Types Guide.

On the hunt for a less expensive black opal?

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