See An Opal Emerge

How to cut a rough piece of opal into a top gem

Cutting Opal 101

Ever wanted to know how opal was cut? Here we show you the secrets handed down from father to son.

Grading Opal

We start with the basis of grading opal. Body tone and brightness are covered with examples.

Mining in Lightning Ridge

Join Justin and the legendary opal miner Sebastian on a journey underground to find the elusive opal from Lightning Ridge Australia

Buy Black Opal direct from the Opal Mines

Types of Opal: video and pictures

How do you tell the different types of opal? In this video Justin will take you through the four main Australian opal types  – as well as a newly discovered one not yet gone mainstream. Understanding opal starts with understanding the basic types of opal found. Black Opal Black opal is the most valuable type of […]

Baroque Opals

(a.k.a. anything but ovals and rounds!) As you’ve probably guessed we are big fans of simple ovals and rounds. Opal just seems to show its best face in these shapes but sometimes when cutting Justin gets a surprise. The beauty in all of these baroque opals is that they may not be set into conventional […]