See An Opal Emerge

How to cut a rough piece of opal into a top gem

Cutting Opal 101

Ever wanted to know how opal was cut? Here we show you the secrets handed down from father to son.

Grading Opal

We start with the basis of grading opal. Body tone and brightness are covered with examples.

Mining in Lightning Ridge

Join Justin on the opal fields as the crew sorts through the dirt they have mined. Will they strike it lucky?

Buy Black Opal direct from the Opal Mines

Black opal after recutting
How to improve the value of opal | VIDEO

In this latest video Justin takes you though the steps of improving the value of your opal. You might buy an opal that has flaws or inclusions. If you purchased it from a reputable and trustworthy dealer, it is probably in the best shape it can possibly be. However, if the piece has been roughly […]