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This is the ring I had made with the beautiful opal I bought from you. I love it. Thanks Justin!

Michele G USA

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The Rainbow Serpent Opal

The Rainbow Serpent Opal

It’s not often we are dumbstruck when it comes to opal but this one had us FLOORED. Recently discovered and mined by a long time friend in Lightning Ridge this opal represents a once in a lifetime find. Aptly named The Rainbow Serpent Opal after the aboriginal creator of life, the gem weighs 30.56 carats and displays a […]

Aboriginal origins of opal

Aboriginal origins of opal

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the following post contains mention of deceased persons. The Aboriginal origins of opal are part of the Dreamtime stories. There are a number of stories and at least two from the Lightning Ridge region. The one I think resonates the best and which can be verified is from a wonderful wise […]

Three questions to ask your opal jeweler

The three questions I need to ask my opal jeweler? Working with opal is not something most jewelers do everyday. It is important you select a jeweler who understands the unique properties of this precious gemstone. Here are the top three questions I would consider to ask your opal jeweler. Do they understand the properties […]