Describing Color in Opal

How do you describe colors in opal and is one more valuable than the other?

Cutting Opal 101

Ever wanted to know how opal was cut? Here we show you the secrets handed down from father to son.

Grading Opal

We start with the basis of grading opal. Body tone and brightness are covered with examples.

Mining in Lightning Ridge

Join Justin on the opal fields as the crew sorts through the dirt they have mined. Will they strike it lucky?

Buy Black Opal direct from the Opal Mines

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Stop the Opal Ratter

WANTED: WHO: The Opal Ratter DESCRIPTION: Sleeps all day spends evenings lurking in the shadows eavesdropping and listing to others stories. ANSWERS TO: Only himself and the devil HABITAT: Other peoples mines   There are some people in this world who are always looking for the next get rich quick scheme. Sure, we all have […]