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Hi Justin,
I’ve just received the parcel yesterday. Looks nice! Many thanks for your thoughts for the birthday gift!! 🙂 Again Thanks.

Christian France

Latest News

Dopping Opal Secrets

Dopping Opal Secrets

Many people have been showing me their opal cutting skills while the opal is still on the dop stick. I have found a very common occurrence in that there is usually way too much wax on the stick.  This excess of wax means that it is almost impossible to polish the edges of the opal. I have […]

How to cut a rough nobby opal into a gem

How to cut a rough nobby opal into a gem

Today is all about choosing your own adventure as Justin shows you the short and long versions of how to cut a rough nobby opal into a gem. In the first video above, watch as the transformation unfolds from a piece of rough opal to a finished gem. Its not a long video and will […]

The Rainbow Serpent Opal

The Rainbow Serpent Opal

It’s not often we are dumbstruck when it comes to opal but this one had us FLOORED. Recently discovered and mined by a long time friend in Lightning Ridge this opal represents a once in a lifetime find. Aptly named The Rainbow Serpent Opal after the aboriginal creator of life, the gem weighs 30.56 carats and displays a […]