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Doublet Opal: Are they real?

Doublet Opal 14kt Gold PendantIs a doublet a real opal? Absolutely, but it has been enhanced.

Doublets are a great way to achieve the color of a gem black opal with a fraction of the cost. They have been enhanced to give the effect of a black opal by attaching or gluing some black opal or black colorless potch on the back of a lighter piece of opal to change its looks.

Even though doublets are opal, they are not natural as they have been enhanced through being composed. So I would consider the opal as treated.

Here at Black Opal Direct we make doublets the old fashioned way with black potch. Bonded to crystal opal the result is a beautiful opal with intense color.



  • wtfmf

    Doublets are an amazing way to capture all an opal has to offer without the cost of a solid. If you think about it, there are some amazing and very expensive boulder opals, naturally occurring opal on ironstone……and you will see many high grade man made doubles using that same backing just as Justin uses black potch. I own three doublets made by Justin and they are awesome.