Happy Hal-opal-ween!

Happy Hal-opal-ween BOD lovers, do we have a (trick or) treat in store for you?
Tune in as we uncover an exceptionally spooky nobby opal from Lightning Ridge.
You came for the opal cutting but you’ll stay for the laughs, we’re sure of it!

Double double toil and trouble

Let’s kick this off with a robust 28ct rough nobby that we’re taking to the wheel to clean up the edges.
Cleaning around the edges first allows me to find the color bar and assess my next move.
This particular nobby doesn’t look overly clean, unfortunately.
I can see a lot of potch around the edges and into the color bar itself.
Getting rid of the unneeded potch will help me work out which side to face the gem.

There is a spooky web of potch forming on the face of the gem.
But what I really want is the blue & green pinfire to come through!
It looks like it may end up a pretty little picture stone instead.

The haunting final gem

We have finished our ghoulish Hal-opal-ween cut!
The spooky final gem has some nice spiderwebs in the face — perfect for Halloween!
A final weight of 4.28ct and priced at $800, you can find it here.
We hope you enjoyed our creepy, yet hopefully giggle-worthy video!

8 thoughts on “Happy Hal-opal-ween!”

  1. That was fun ! Thank-you Justin and crew . It is a very nice looking stone , the spiderwebs do it a bit of Halloween justice . Thanks
    for making my evening a lot brighter >

  2. Very nice Justin I’m kicking myself right now , I had a similar black opal (100%Australian) and rubbed out the the webbing to achieve a small dome for clarity. Dangit the sand man beat me again…..


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