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Sick of trying to guess what the body tone and brightness of your opal is? Not sure if your monitor or printer is showing you the right thing? Now you can accurately measure from a calibrated scale that you can keep handy at all times.

This opal bodytone and brightness scale has been created with a durable plastic credit card style material for ease of use and being small and portable you can take it anywhere. It can help you grade your opal with ease and give you an accurate reading. The (N) tones have been accurately measured by Anthony Smallwood – the author of the official grading system used worldwide.

The brightness scale is an easy to use and simplified guide to measure the brightness (B) of an opal. It also has a millimeter measurement down the side to measure your opal when grading them.

The instructions are on the scale itself. Opals not included.

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Dimensions 203 × 89 × 1 mm

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