Wyoming Nobby

This particular Wyoming Nobby from Lightning Ridge is showing a lot of potential.
The color looks vibrant and the color bar seems to be a decent size— but you never know what is lurking below the white cap.

Sand monsters are lurking

From what I can see, this particular nobby doesn’t look like it will be a black opal.
But, there’s a chance — never say never.
What is more distressing, is the hole dead in the center of the nobby which could cause me some problems.
As I take the top off, that sand spot has opened right up….argggh!!

The sand has taken over two-thirds of my color bar, so the gem has more than halved in size.
This was a key stone in a parcel that I had a lot riding on, unfortunately.
It will still produce a decent size gem with a beautiful color though, I’m sure of it!

Wyoming Nobby Finale

You can never tell from a piece of nobby what you’re going to get.
This always needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating rough opal, there is always an element of risk.
With the amount of sand that penetrated the color bar, we’re very lucky to end up with the decent gem we did.
Finishing with a 1.73ct Black Opal for US$3000, you can find it here.
What pattern do you think it is? Put it in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Wyoming Nobby”

  1. I’m no expert – floral? Whenever I see an opal being cut that ends up smaller than you would hope, I always think of that opal now being affordable for someone who would not have been able to buy it had it reached its optimum potential. X

  2. Beautiful opal! Sand has a way of being in the way. Still, a nice stone came out of it. Not a complete loss. I think it is a floral pattern. Working through my own parcels now. It is slow work, as I have to cut by hand with some dremel help. I probably have to retouch some of them when I am done, since I am just learning to cut, but there are some pretty stones in there. See you in the next video! Happy cutting!

    ps. I was wondering if there are any plans to visit a show in Europe. The US and AU are a bit too far away, but I would love to see you guys at a gem show!

  3. Beautiful stone! Great color and very pretty pattern. I’m glad to see you are coming to the Tuscon Gem Show this year!

  4. I see a bit of pattern mix with this one. I see a bit of pinfire hidden amongst floral. I’ve learned a lot from you, and wish I had discovered you much earlier! If someone decides to marry me, I know whwre I’m ring shopping!! How did I do with my guess?

  5. That turned out to be a beautiful stone ! It looks like a floral harlequin crossed with a flash of fire . What ever it it is it is really nice. Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous birthday !

  6. Hey Justin, lovely stone, and yes I had my fingers crossed for a bigger one, ha ha
    Pattern, I should know this, flagstone? Or moss or even some pin fire?

  7. Lovely stone even though it ended up smaller than you would have likes. Opal is a bit like betting on the horses. You have to do your homework and gamble responsibly. Some you win some you lose. My guess is pinfire mixed with chaff pattern. Hope you had a great birthday Jaustin.

  8. Hi Juston
    The pattern looks like to me as flagstone.
    Such a pretty stone you have created through your cutting, what a gem!


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