Polishing an antique opal ring: Before and after

Polishing an antique opal ring without removing the opal from its setting can be done. Justin shows you how to resurrect your opal and make it shine again.

Polishing an opal in its setting is a simple but precise process. It requires focus to ensure you polish only the opal and not the setting. The process works best with bezel set opals that have a bit of a dome on them. Claw set jewelry does pose more of a risk because if the claws are higher than the stone you can’t actually get to the the opal without polishing the claws. This can weaken them and may even lead to your opal falling out.

Watch the video and see the before and after of polishing an antique opal ring.





6 thoughts on “Polishing an antique opal ring: Before and after”

  1. Please, I inherited a black duplex black Opal from my mum. It was bought in Coober Pedy some thirty years ago. I have worn it for years now, it needs rejuvenation. Where can I have this done can you send me a link to whom ever can do this.

  2. Hi
    I bought a black folder oh Paul online what’s a ring with diamonds around it. It has one dead spot where it looks deep and then the tip of it is gray, but the rest of the opal looks good green oranges, blues. Can I get rid of the dead spots and have the color more of the surface and then they have a top tip that’s gray turned into surface colors like the rest of the opal.


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