Hi Justin,
My wife was delighted when she opened the opal and couldn’t wait to set it. We had problems finding a jeweller in the UK that would set it, however we found a young local jeweller that took the project on. It’s probably very different to most opal rings as Michelle wanted a modern celestial feel as black opals remind Michelle of the Aurora Borealis. We are delighted with the finished result, set in platinum was a few diamonds for a bit of sparkle.
Thank you very much for all your help with this special purchase, it was very easy and a pleasure to deal with you.  James who made the ring and his father, who has been in the trade since 1966 were both very complimentary about the opal and one of the nicest they have seen.
The photos were taken by Michelle and we are both happy for you to use them as you wish for marketing purposes.
Kind Regards,