Tatiana Perfection

Simple, elegant and refined, our Create Your Own Tatiana ring is a study in restrained minimalism and style.

Choose your desired metal, select your precious opal gemstone and you can even add diamonds for extra sparkle. Wear your custom Tatiana ring alone or stacked with others. It really is an expression of you.


Create your own Tatiana ring with any of the opals below. This is a curated selection only. We have many more available in our shop. The maximum opal dimensions are 11x9x5mm. We can use larger opals upon request but note this may incur additional setting costs.

Choose your opal

Finding the perfect gemstone for your Tatiana ring can be a joyful experience. If you’re new to the world of opals, make sure to head to our Opal Guide to learn more about the diversity amongst the stones. We have put together a curated selection here to give you a glimpse of what your custom piece can look like. Enjoy exploring.

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