3.64 ct black crystal opal 13.8×9.5×4.7mm


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Product Description

Full opal cost is $21,000USD.

This is the first instalment, future instalments will be invoiced directly to you one week before due date.

Instalments as follows;

Instalment 1. $5250 + $50 shipping DUE now

Instalment 2. $5250 DUE 8th November 2022

Instalment 3. $5250 DUE 6th December 2022

Instalment 4. $5250 DUE 3rd January 2022

*If the Instalment Plan is not paid in full or completed you are entitled to a full refund, less $200USD which is a restocking fee.

Opal Specifications

Additional information

Weight 3.64 ct
Dimensions 13.8 × 9.5 × 4.7 mm
Body Tone




Opal Origin

Lightning Ridge

Predominant Colors

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