Opal Treasure Box

Well, aren’t you lucky?! 

You’re holding a Lightning Ridge opal and we think that’s pretty cool.

This stone has been crafted over millions of years under the red earth of the Australian outback that used to be an ancient inland sea. 

Now, it’s a dry climate home to emus, kangaroos and a few shrubs here and there. It’s a harsh place, but the Australian outback is also brimming with a beauty that’s otherworldly. It gets even better when you decide to go underground!

Let me tell you a little more about our Opal Treasure Box.

Your piece of Australia from the lands of Lightning Ridge.

Red dirt leads to roads less travelled and the blue sky stretches across the horizon. A place where you might have to stop to let an emu or two pass and driving at dusk means looking out for kangaroos.

Beyond the long stretch of gravel appears the shapes of a town with rugged terrain and character at every turn.

Look a little closer, and you’ll find a place brimming with beauty; from warm bore baths to houses made of bottles that glow iridescent colours when the sun hits just right.

But the most marvelling sight lays deep within; past the prickly pear cactus and beneath the orange earth. A treasure for those who dare to hunt in the dark; the seekers with an insatiable hunger for color. A gemstone that has been crafted by nature, layer by layer, over millennia. The home of the worlds best opal.

Here’s a closer look at the mining Fields in Lightning Ridge; the traditional country of the Gamilaraay people.

Lightning Ridge Opal Fields Australia

We hope you cherish this opal treasure box knowing you have a piece of Australia from the lands of Lightning Ridge.

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