Magnificent Crystal Opals

Why do we love Crystal Opals so much?
From their glassy transparency to their 3D play of color effect, our magnificent Australian Crystal Opals have the goods and we can’t get enough of them!


Glassy and vibrant, colorful and mesmerizing — it’s hard not to be enchanted by the allure of a crystal opal!
From one end of the spectrum to the other, the crystal opal brings play of color, and shimmering brightness.

Choose your opal

Discover our selection of magnificent crystal opals — we’ll let in on a little secret, crystal opal is Justin’s favorite type of opal and his private collection is made up of more crystal opals than any other type. This is a curated section only. In addition to these opals, you can discover more crystal opals or every other opal type in our shop menu. Want to learn more about opals types? Head to our Opal Guide on the home page.

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