Single Rough Opal

Within this catalog of single rough opal gemstones you’ll find some of the most interesting Australian opal gemstones we have.
Some of these large rough opals will yield a few high quality black opals while others might only be good examples of white opal specimens. You’ll also find small rough opals that already have an amazing play of color which will get even better after you work with it.
A few of the larger rough opal gemstones would make breathtaking pendants with a little cutting and polishing work and some jewelry design creativity. The opals here are from Lightning Ridge, Australia, and they are strong and stable enough for the cutting and polishing work you’ll need to do when creating that opal jewelry you’re dreaming of.
You can find a precious opal gemstone in these roughs! The experience of discovering these opal gemstones may be even more precious and rewarding to share with your loved ones.
Take a good look at your rough opal when you receive it. If you think it’s not going to work for your opal design then simply return it to us before you cut, polish, or snip away at it. All our sales are backed by our 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We’ll issue a refund immediately when you return it.

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