Milky Tops & Black Potch

Wyoming Field Nobby is well known for looking a little average on the outside yet generally producing something great on the inside.
This nobby is no exception with its hazy blue top and black potch line down the bottom.
We have a 50/50 chance of this cutting a decent gem, so let’s get underway!

Wyoming Field Nobby

Let’s chat about the Wyoming Field for a second.
Where is it?
The Wyoming Field is located about 25 km north-west of Lightning Ridge in NSW, Australia.
The nobby’s found in this area are known to be full of surprises and you never really know what you’re going to get.
They generally have a white cap or a milky top with a color bar and potch around the bottom.
This particular nobby opal was found at the 15-20 feet mark below the earth’s surface.

Map courtesy of DPI NSW

Gem Worthy

Did it cut a worthy gem?
Unfortunately, it hasn’t cut a gem that I would usually cut from a Wyoming Field Nobby.
But I am super happy that it did cut a nice opal and wasn’t a complete fail.
It’s what you call a commercial opal, it has a nice color and is more affordable.
If I only showed you the winners we cut then you wouldn’t get a realistic view of how opal turns out most of the time.
We finished with a 4.87ct Black Opal for US$1200.00, you can find it here.

16 thoughts on “Milky Tops & Black Potch”

  1. I love the outcome of this session. Thank you for sharing a “good” win that represents the real world of opal cutting. I would love to find a piece like this!

  2. Another couple of points … “feild” and “nobby’s”? And why the Americanised “color”? If you went to Sydney, would you take a ferry trip around the harbor?

  3. thanks for the good giggle this morning Justin! I think you infected me with that opal fever… but I don’t hold that against you at all 😉

  4. I remember fourth years ago, going into a rock shop here in Portland, Oregon, on the counter was about six Pyrex baking dishes with lights shining down on them. When I looked into the water filled dishes was those magical opals. I fire coming from those uncut opal ignited the opal fever in me and for these last fourth years I have been buying small batches of opals. I now am starting to cut some of it. None of it was very high grade opal, but they all have some fire. The fever never dies, it sometime just smolders until it has to come out. BOD help to bring the fever level up. Hopefully there are some gems in my collection. Thanks for keeping the fire burning

  5. Hope springs eternal. I think the path of discovery is half a treasure’s value, then add the joy of sharing the experience. I love participating, if only vicariously, in all your opal adventures. Keep it up, please!


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